Chicken Satay of Ponorogo

Chicken satay of Ponorogo is the kind of satay from Ponorogo, East Java. The chicken’s meat is very tender and the seasonings are seeped but fat-free. Each piece of meat is thinly sliced so it seems like fillet, and the fat could be set aside. This is what distinguishes the satay of Ponorogo with other regions. During the grilling process, the chicken satay is dipped in a solution of brown sugar and soy sauce several times so it’s seep.

It is served with rice cake and peanut sauce. Beside the meat, there’s also the intestine satay, skin, and eggs satay.



      1. iya pakai tp rasanya beda, bumbu kacangnya warnanya rada putih eh apa coklat tp bukan coklat banget, coklat terang haha susah ah njelasinya kudu nyobain sendiri


  1. Aan, this chicken satay definitely looks … šŸ™‚ I like all the photos.. šŸ™‚

    # favorite is beef or mutton satay..( I’m a red meat lover.. )


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