Stopped By Into JFC Base


In May 2012, I was in Jember, East Java and I had a chance to stop by into Dynand Fariz studio. This is a secretariat and a place where the “JFC kids” hangout. What does JFC? It is the Jember Fashion Carnival. A pioneer of annual creative fashion carnivalΒ  in Indonesia, which was then followed by other cities such as Solo Batik Carnival and Jogja Java Carnival.

When I stopped there, the people were preparing the Jember Fashion Carnival 2012, which would be held in July. Unfortunately, on the D-day, I’ve just finished a long journey and there were many works to be done. So, I missed the event.. πŸ™

The interesting words that I found there is: To improve human resource assets and cultural richness does not necessarily have to go through a long cultural heritage excavation. We can achieve these goals through the creation of a new masterpiece that has never been done before. Because the culture itself, is always starting from nothing.

Here are the photos when I was there. While, the carnival photos can be viewed on the Jember Fashion Carnival website here.

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  1. This is good..I think I agree with the idea of preserving our heritage by combining with the new modern way and style in presentation…

    we do have plenty of Barbie dolls wearing the traditional costumes and they made bigger sales.. right.? πŸ™‚

    I’m a modern girl but I’m always comfortable with the traditional ways…

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