Nasgithel Tea

In Yogyakarta, there are many small traditional cafes selling a variety of traditional fried foods and beverages. They called Angkringan, from the term “ngangkring” or hanging out at this traditional cafe.

The most popular beverage sold is Nasgithel tea (Panas, Legi, Kenthel) ie hot tea, sweet and soupy since a mixture of very strong tea. It usually served in separate glasses, and sugar cubes, so that we brew by ourselves.Β  It is suitable to drink in the cold air.

When I get bored, I often do ngangkring at angkringan near my house. Meet some friends and enjoy the Nasgithel tea.. πŸ™‚



  1. Panas legit kentel ya itu teh..duuhh trauma minum teh beginian 😦 waktudi Tegal mampir minum teh Poci, ngga lama kemudian langsung perutnya berontak, apa karena terlalu manis ya?

    Sejak saat itu ndak pernah deh mau minum teh Poci lagi.


  2. When I saw the sugar cubes I thought that maybe those were candied ginger which would sweeten the tea and give it a spicey taste. That looks like a lot of sugar for that glass of tea. Is there a driink that is made with spices and is drunk as a hot tea?


    1. At the second picture you could see that I only put one cube of sugar in a glass.. and later, I put one more after I poured more tea..

      Ya we have some, but the most popular is ginger tea..


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