Barongan Or Dadak Merak

Reyog or Reog is a typical dance from Ponorogo, East Java. This dance is played by many people  with some key figures. One is Barongan.

Barongan (sometimes called Dadak Merak) is one of the most dominant figures in the dance of Reog Ponorogo. The sections are:
Caplokan or Tiger’s Head. it’s made of a wooden frame, bamboo and rattan, then covered with tiger skin.
Dadak Merak, its frame is made of bamboo and rattan and covered with the peacock spreads its wings, and biting chaplet.
Krakap, its made ​​of black velvet embroidered with beads

Barongan, measuring about 2.25 meters long, 2.30 meters in width, and the weights almost 50 kilograms. Did you know that the player hold the Barongan uses his teeth?



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