Kopi Lelet Or Etched Coffee?

We have already familiar with the coffee as a beverage. Some people believe that drinking coffee makes it fresh again after struggling with busy works. Even some think that coffee able to increase the creativity. If you are a coffee addicts, it’s worth trying KOPI LELET of Lasem, Rembang, Central Java.

Kopi Lelet is coffee that is sold in Lasem, and very popular to the coffee lovers. The thing that makes the difference is a strong coffee flavor. This Kopi Lelet is pulverized by the makers and using the right ingredients that make a very special coffee.

For the smokers, this coffee becomes more special, because they can enjoy its coffee grounds that popular as Lethek. How do we get the pleasure of coffee grounds? The Lethek or coffee grounds etched or plated on cigarettes. In Javanese language called “dileletke” so that’s why it’s named kopi lelet. Those who have skill of art, they can paint the cigarette using the coffee grounds, so it looks beautiful. After dry, the cigarette is ready to be enjoyed.



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