Water Tower Or Waterleiding

One of the ancient buildings in Tegal is a Water Tower or Waterleiding, which was built by the Dutch colonial government in 1931. This 40-meters high water tower is located at Pancasila street, next to the town square of Tegal. From the top of the tower, we can see the beauty of city of Tegal, the Java sea and Mount Slamet.

Nowadays, this building become the office of the Regional Water Company of Tegal, Central Java.

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  1. Another amazing structure! I would love to be able to visit some day and see the beauty of your country. The area around Bandung in Java especislly, and also Danau Toba in Sumatra. I would like to go to Lombok also to visit the University that is in partnership with the University I went to at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Sigh, still dreaming. πŸ™‚

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