Traditional Snack Named Kipo

Kipo is one typical snack from Kotagede, Yogyakarta. Regarding to the origin name of this food, some said that the nobles were eat these unique foods then asked, “Iki opo?” (Javanese; What’s this?). After that, the food is popular as the Kipo, derived from Iki Opo. Yeah, that’s only a story. We don’t know the truth… πŸ™‚

Kipo is made from sticky rice, coconut milk, salt and sugar. The ingredients are stirred, so that they are mixed and dense. The batter serves to encase the mixture of coconut and palm sugar. The green color of the batter is a natural color that comes from pandan leaves. Not surprisingly, that Kipo is so fragrant.

Actually, it’s quite easy to make Kipo. It’s only need a painstaking to measure the right dough for the shell. Take a small part of dough, then placed on oiled banana leaf, and flatten it. Put the stuffing on it, and then fold as making pastels snack. Place the stuffed dough on another banana leaf, then baked on the flat pan made of clay. That’s it. Kipo is ready to eat. Enjoy this sweet snack, then you will ask, β€œIki opo?”

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