Drying The Cloves

Once I went to Purwokerto for a creative seminar. This city is located in Central Java. In a leisure time, a friend invited me to come to his office. Why not? It’s better than stayed alone at hotel.

It was not an office as I thought. The fact, I came to a place for drying the cloves. And, it was a big place. It’s a kind of cloves treatment plant.Β  Roughly, my friend buys cloves from some places in Java either outside Java islands.

The cloves then dried separately in accordance with each quality. It may takes several days until the water content is reduced as level required.

The next process is filtering. With a special filter, the cloves can be divided into seven grades. After completion the filtering process, the cloves are put into sacks and ready to e sent to the cigarette factory. Currently, my friend serves several large cigarette factory in East Java. Woow.. it’s a big business! πŸ™‚

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  1. Pas aku baksos di Tidore lagi panen cengkeh,, sampe2 pengobatan sepiii banget, baru rame setelah diworo-woro..

    Btw, minyak cengkeh (eugenol) salah satu obat buat gigi loh… anak2 gak suka banget klo pake ini…

          1. Bam itu apa??
            Huaaah, aku kapok nyabut gigi paling belakang… operasi gigi pertamaku butuh 3jam!! 3 dosen bilang itu kasus susah tp aku nekat… huhuhu..

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