Beautiful Dancer

This beautiful young woman dedicates her life for dancing. Beside teaches the children, she also creates some choreographies. She had gone around the world for dancing. I was glad have an opportunity to photograph her.

Oh ya, her name is Mila Rosinta. Do you see a picture of the young lady doing the hand-drawn batik at the right bar of this page? That’s her! πŸ™‚

Hey, I’ve just found Mila’s blog. You can see her dancing here.


No need to edit this picture. Her beauty worked.
Introducing the art of dancing to children.

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  1. You should take more monotone pics of her. She would make an excellent study of just one peron’s life in your country. why not do a porfolio of various people’s occupatipons (black and white) .This would be so intersting. Unusual and usaul jobs in the mix of about 20-30 various jobs. I bet it would sell in your country and maybe other places as well. Put some thought into that idea. I would enjoy seeing just how the young woman teaches her dance. Do you have more. She is indeed quite pretty.

    Mkix the age grouping (men and women) of the various occupations. That would make it more interesting- young to old.

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