Tauto For Lunch

Tauto is the typical food of Pekalongan, Central Java. Some said that it is an abbreviation of SOTO and TAUCO. Soto is a soupy meal using noodles and vegetables. While, tauco is a seasoning of soy fermentation. However, tauto is different from soto which commonly encountered, both in appearance, taste and the ingredients. Tauto sauce is a brownish red color with sweet and savory taste.

A bowl of tauto contains slices tender buffalo meat, rice noodles, tauco, scallions, fried onions with hot soup. It tastes hmm.. yummy!!

soaking spiced buffalo meat

slicing the meat

lontong is a rice wrapped in banana leaves cylindrical

rice noodles

poured with hot sauce

are you ready? πŸ™‚




  1. Tauto itu satu diantara makanan kesukaan, ndak pernah terlewatkan kalau sowan ke mertua dan kakak ipar di Pekalongan.
    Seger makan ini mah, wuaaah malam2 jadi lapar liat fotos ini πŸ˜€


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