Tauto For Lunch

Tauto is the typical food of Pekalongan, Central Java. Some said that it is an abbreviation of SOTO and TAUCO. Soto is a soupy meal using noodles and vegetables. While, tauco is a seasoning of soy fermentation. However, tauto is different from soto which commonly encountered, both in appearance, taste and the ingredients. Tauto sauce is a brownish red color with sweet and savory taste.

A bowl of tauto contains slices tender buffalo meat, rice noodles, tauco, scallions, fried onions with hot soup. It tastes hmm.. yummy!!

soaking spiced buffalo meat
slicing the meat
lontong is a rice wrapped in banana leaves cylindrical
rice noodles
poured with hot sauce
are you ready? πŸ™‚


31 Replies to “Tauto For Lunch”

  1. Yang kurang kece dari foto ini… mangkoknya dilap dulu cyiiiiin!!!

    Eh btw, mie putih maksudnya bihun kan?? Apa soun ya?? Bahasa inggrisnya rice noodles bukannya??

  2. Tauto itu satu diantara makanan kesukaan, ndak pernah terlewatkan kalau sowan ke mertua dan kakak ipar di Pekalongan.
    Seger makan ini mah, wuaaah malam2 jadi lapar liat fotos ini πŸ˜€

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