This Is About Indonesia



Friend of mine showed me this video, and I think I HAVE TO SHARE to all of you..
Here, I want to say that Indonesia is not only Bali. We have sooo.. many beautiful places to visit.
Oh ya, you can also watch some screens about my beloved hometown, Yogyakarta.. πŸ™‚

This video was uploaded by Camel Active to campaign the impressive surroundings of Indonesia.

25 Replies to “This Is About Indonesia”

    1. Betul.. kata temen itu ngambilnya pake 7D..
      Saya jadi kepikir punya 550D khusus bikin teaser2 pendek kayaknya asik.. Tapi nanti, hehe.. wong sekarang saya malah ga punya SLR sama sekali.. πŸ™‚

  1. betul, Indonesia bukan hanya Bali, dan Bali hanya sebagian kecil dari keindahan Indonesia..

    *kapan ya bisa keliling Indonesia..

    eh ada foto2 bromo nggak mas? pengen ke sana aku..

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