Yellow Tabebuia

Tabebuia is a tree, which filled with flowers. However, this condition only occur once a year, exactly at the end of dry season.

Commonly, Tabebuia that grows in Indonesia is yellow colored flowers. Β The yellow Tabebuia comes from Brazil with the Latin name Tabebuia Chrysotricha.Β Actually, there are various species of Tabebuia with a wide range of colors.

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  1. Keren seperti biasa, ada beberapa bokeh yang keliatan ada yang ga (maklum lagi ga pake kaca mata) and yellow jadi keinget coldplay.
    Liat ni foto sambil dengerin yellow – coldplay.
    setau saya tabebuia ini emang ga ada daun ijo-ijonya πŸ˜€

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