Sparkling Jogja

[ Nikon D3000 | f/22 | 30sec. | ISO-200 | 46mm | 06.39 PM ]



  1. Very nice night photo. Pretty lights of the city.

    Aan, I see a different camera listed with a lot of your photos? If I am not being too “nosey” how many do you have and which is your favorite.

    Do not feel that you must answer this question. Just ignore it if you had rather not discuss cameras or “tell all.” I will totally understand.



    1. Ya, I agree.. that’s my lovely city. I was born and live here.. 🙂

      Umm, my first own camera was Nikon D40, then I changed it to D3000. But, sometimes I used the cameras which facilitated by my former office. So, you saw EOS 400D, 500D and 550D in my posts.
      On May, I changed my D3000 to EOS 600D. However, I have none, now. I sold my camera three days ago, for emergency reason. 🙂 Ya, it feels like a farmer lost his hoe.. 🙂 Don’t worry, I still have some poto stocks in my hard drive so I can keep posting. Wish I get better condition soon, so that I could get a new one… 🙂
      Hope it would be answering your question.

      Have a great weekend… 🙂


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