Ancient Building In The Middle of Intersection

Yogyakarta as a city of culture has its own characteristics and uniqueness. The existence of Palace of the Sultanate Yogyakarta automatically influenced the urban design, which typically has a significant philosophical-symbolic structure. One that is well known is the imaginary line that divides the city of Yogyakarta, which connects Mount Merapi the Tugu Monument Sultan’s Palace Panggung Krapyak and Parangkusumo beach on the south coast.

Almost everybody knows about Mount Merapi, Tugu Monument, the palace and Parangkusumo beach. But there is a building that is hidden on the south side that sometimes overlooked by tourists, Panggung Krapyak.

Panggung Krapyak or also named the Kandang Menjangan is located approximately 1 kilometer on the south of Sultan’s palace. The building stands firmly in the middle of the intersection.

Panggung Krapyak is a rectangular-shaped building, 17,6m x 15 m sized, with a height about 10 meters. Each side there is a door flanked by two windows. The doors and windows are square shaped with the arch at the top. Formerly, the doors and windows was only a hole without cover. However, now there are iron bars at every doors and windows, so that people cannot get into the building. Perhaps it’s due to security reason.

The building is divided into two floors. At the first floor, there are four chambers in each corner, which is connected with a door on each side. In the southeast room, there is a big hole on the roof. It is estimated that formerly there were stairs to go to the top floor.

Presumably, that Panggung Krapyak was the defense post to monitor the enemy movement from the south, thus providing an early warning to the palace in case there was attack. But, there were states that this building as a royal place for hunting animals. The height of the building made the king lurked freely without worrying about being attacked by wild animal. Supposedly, Krapyak used to be a dense forest. Various kinds of wild animals found in this forest. Not suprisingly, this area was once used as a hunting ground by the kings of Mataram.

Panggung Krapyak is the building that include in the imaginary line of Yogyakarta. The axle of Panggung Krapyak to Sultan’s palace, up from the south to the north describes the journey of human from birth to adulthood. The area around the building symbolizes the human life while still in the womb. Until now, there is a village in the northern of the Panggung Krapyak named Mijen as a symbol of human seed. Mijen comes from the word “wiji” (Javanese language) that means “seed.”

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