The Square of Malang

Generally, the square is a large field surrounded by roads and it can be used as a variety activities. Maybe we can say that the square is the large front yard. Almost every city in Indonesia has a square adjacent to the city hall. The square becomes the icon of the city. It has its own typical, according to the characteristics and the needs of each city.

In Malang, East java, the fountain becomes the center of the square. It is bordered by Merdeka Street, and surrounded by some office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, the grand mosque of Jami, churches, and the a little to the north there is a legendary restaurant, Oen.

The citizens have an access to do their activities there. This place is never empty of visitors. In the morning, many people do jogging and exercising there. During the day, people sit around, reading book or just have a chat. The lush trees make people feel comfortable to stay there. The pigeons were intentionally left free, become entertainment for kids.

It’s a common thing, that where there are crowds, there will come the merchant. Similarly, in the town square of Malang. Various kinds of merchandise, from food to toys are sold there. Even at night, this place becomes a kind of carnival. The merchants and residents are gathered here. Some game attractions make the atmosphere becomes more lively.

The square of Malang is no longer synonymous as a wide field, but instead became a green and shady park. That made the same as other cities is, the square is a place to do activities, interact and recreation for all residents.



  1. memori back ke malang hehe inget toko oen itu, kalau gak salah letaknya gak jauh yah dari hotel yg mewah…apa yah namanya aku lupa, disitu ada jual mie rebus kalau malam, rasanya enak tenan dah…


  2. aku pernah kena denda 50ribu jamaaaan kuliah gegara nginjak rumput disini, lah tulisannya itu ada didepan sedang arahku berjalan adalah dari belakang ke depan jadi nggak kebaca apes


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