The Palace of Queen Boko

Queen Boko Palace is a magnificent palace complex was built in the 8th century. It was originally named Abhayagiri Vihara (the monastery on a peaceful hill) where located 3 kilometers in south of the complex of Prambanan temple, Yogyakarta.

A relic at the site has the specificity and uniqueness that is different from other heritage sites from the same period. Other ancient relics are typically in the form of religious buildings, but the complex of Ratu Boko is a profane, complete with entrance, hall, living area, bathhouse, also the protective fortress.

Also, different from other palaces of Java that were generally established in the lowlands, Ratu Boko site is located on a fairly high hill. This complex is located 196 meters above sea level. From this site can be viewed beauty of Prambanan temple against the backdrop of Mount Merapi.

Here the pictures about some parts of the Palace of Queen Boko. Those were taken during the day so that the light over became an obstacle to get the perfect shot (Oops sorry, I never had a perfect shot! :)). To manipulate it, I edited using photoshop.



    1. Pertama ke sana naik mobil parkir di parkiran atas.. ga perlu jalan mendaki gitu… Yang kedua nyoba parkir di parkiran bawah, dan menyesal! hahaha…
      Alternatif lain adalah ikut paket wisata Prambanan-Ratu Boko. Bayar tiket di candi Prambanan, ada shuttle bus dari Prambanan yang siap mengantar sampai Ratu Boko…


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