Gamelan is the music created by the blended sound of traditional musical instruments.  Gamelan easily found in various regions of Indonesia. This gamelan music can be found in Java, Madura, Bali, and Lombok. Of course, the variants of instruments that used are different.

A set of Javanese gamelan consists of several instruments, including a set of drum called kendang, rebab (fiddle), celempung (zither), gambang (xylophone), gongs and bamboo flutes called seruling. The main components that make up the gamelan music instruments are bamboo, metal, and wood. Each tool has its own function in gamelan music, for example, gong played to close a long rhythm and give the balance.

Gamelan can be seen as a separate musical performances as well as dance accompanist. As a separate performance, gamelan music is usually combined with the voices of the Javanese singers called wiraswara (male singer) and  waranggana (female singer).

Currently, only a few young people are able to play the gamelan. They prefer to play modern instruments such as guitars, keyboards, drums and so on. Lucky me, I’m one who can and love to play gamelan music. (Hey, am I still young?) Want to see me play? Please come to Yogyakarta… 🙂

Sorry, I just got some pictures of gamelan. I’m trying to complete the pictures soon.




  1. We have Gamelan here in Malaysia too…carries the same name…
    Gamelan music is most likely use for special ceremony..weddings…
    but I disagree with the saying the youngs play Gamelan…I can still see Uncles and Aunties playing it all the time… 😉

    ~ KeY


  2. I can see why, according to your statement, only a few young people play this kind of music. Young people want what is “hip” and modern- to fit in and to be like the rest of the world. There is much to be learned about this form of music and I say good for you if you are one who enjoys playing these kinds of instruments. In my humlbe opinion, I think that government should offer free studies to students- young or old in order to ensure that this heritage and culture will be preserved for all generations to come. The instruments are truly works of art.


    1. actually in some schools has an extracurricular of this subject. it means that there are some young people able play this kind of music instrument. but more are prefer something “hip” and modern, as what you said..


      1. Ya of course… There are many CD shops sale this kind of music on CD here. Perhaps, you can contact the Indonesian embassy in your country. Are you interested?


    1. oh ya? where was that?
      Once, friends and me tried to mix the gamelan and some modern music instruments.. we played bohemian rhapsody at that time.. it was very exciting..


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