The Beauty of Ranau Lake


Ranau Lake is the second largest lake in Sumatra, Indonesia. We can relish the lake from the district Banding Agung, Southern OKU. It’s about 342 km from Palembang, the capital of province of Southern Sumatera. But at that time I enjoyed the lake from Lumbok Seminung, West Lampung, about eight hours from Bandar Lampung, the capital of province of Lampung.

Ranau Lake has an area of about 128 square kilometers, with a maximum depth of 229 meters. The scenery around the lake is so beautiful. Ranau Lake is surrounded by the highlands of Bukit Barisan and the exotic of Mount Seminung.

There is a Marisa island In the middle of the lake, that has natural hot spring water. The island also has a waterfall and natural forests, which is inhabited by some primates. To go to this island, we can go by a boat owned by locals. Unfortunately, my time was limited, so I didn’t have a chance to cross to get there.

On the lakeshores, there are many fishponds owned by the locals. However, other than developing the fishpond, many fishermen who catch fish on the lake. They use nets and fishing rods.

To promote this tourist resort, the local government holds a Festival of Lake Ranau, which is regularly held every November.

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        1. Well, you don’t speak bahasa Indonesia but Malaysia, I think.. Please correct me if I was wrong.. do you live there?

          Salam kenal kembali.. Have a nice weekend.. πŸ™‚

          1. You’re correct…I’m a Malaysian..a mixed with a little British though…
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          2. There is a direct flight from KL to Jogja. You just spend one hour at the sky then you can relish some parts of my beautiful country… Hihihi.. πŸ™‚

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            Maybe next visit to Indonesia.. πŸ™‚ Will you be my tourist guide…? πŸ˜‰

      1. hahaha di hatiku gak ada jogja om tapi adanya madu dan racun hahahahaha

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  1. Such beauty near and not too far from where you live. A good geography lesson again. All those people in the sight seeing boat. Do the boat owners make everyone wear a life jacket? I could not see anyone wearing one.

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