A Chariot With No Horse

On my journeys, I always took some pictures for photo stock. It can be foods, landscapes or buildings. Here I share my photos about traditional transportation, a kind of tricycles named Becak. Forgive me that after this I’m using Bahasa Indonesia. Honestly, there’s nothing important to describe because I know nothing about this. So, it just for fun. Let’s enjoy the pictures…


Picture number 8 is a special Becak from Kediri. It belongs to my friend – the young man who pedals the becak – named Naim Ali. Every Sunday, he goes around the village to offer the people borrow his books for free. The goal is to increase the interest in reading. He changed the goats’ pen in his house to be a free library. (I was surprised when I saw a Steve Jobs’ book by Walter Isaacson there!) For those who willing to contribute the library, he will be appreciate and thankful.



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  1. we call it beca with no k in Malaysia..hehe
    but we don’t use it as public transport anymore…we have it in Melaka or Penang just for tourist attractions and for sight seeing…

    I once took becak when I was in Medan..and amazingly, they use motorcycle..and its fast..hehehe

    1. only in jakarta that prohibit the becak. but in others cities are allowed. Becak (with k πŸ™‚ ) really helps for those who want to go in the short distance. You should try this becak. It’s slowly and enjoyable.
      By the way, do you understand the writing in bahasa Indonesia?

  2. Nice pictures. I am learning so much from your phots. It is interesting to see so many of the drivers sleeping in the their little carts. They must work vey hard and get so tired from the work they do in order to make a little money.

    1. Thank you..
      Well, umm.. sometimes I think that it is an inhuman job. something like rickshaw in Chinese.. but, i don’t know.. they have to work to get money..

  3. What an interesting post! I am always fascinated to see the vehicles used in other parts of the world. Your photography is excellent. I like your approach toward your subject, making each picture tell a story.

    By the way, your friend’s free book loan & delivery is so cool.

    1. Thank you, Mona.. haha.. I’m not as good as you think.. Once again, thank you.. I really appreciate that..

      ya, as cool as he is.. :You know, Kediri is a small town in East Java, and I saw Steve Jobs’ book there! What a surprised… πŸ™‚

  4. udah nyobain bentor???
    klo belom sekarang km kalah dari aku.. ahahaha… #akhirnya…
    aku pernah naik bentor di Tidore, udah heboh2 nge-video-in eh malah ke-cancel pas mau di-save

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