Cetho: The Misty Temple

Cetho temple is located in Karanganyar, Central Java. It is a relic of the last days of the Majapahit kingdom, around the 15th century. This Hindu temple is at approximately 1,400 meters above sea level. Based on the ruins, the temple is expected was a fourteen storied terrain. However, it just thirteen terraces left, and the restoration done until only the ninth terraces.

The restoration which carried out in the 1970’s was criticized by archaeologists, because it much change the original structure of the temple.

Surya Majapahit is well known as the insignia of the Majapahit kingdom

Cetho temple complex consists of a gate at the front, the hermitage buildings, statues and cube-shaped building at the top of temple. At the third terrace, there is a setting stones that depicting a giant tortoise, Surya Majapahit (The Sun of Majapahit, well known as the insignia of the Majapahit kingdom) and 2 meters pierced phallus. The tortoise symbolizing the creation of the universe, while the penis symbolizing creation of man. The worship of phallus statues is symbolizing the gratitude and hope of the abundant fertility on the earth.

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