Folk Mataraman Institute on Zero Kilometer Point

Folk Mataraman Institute is a group on facebook. Most of the members live in Jogja, but many other members live in Jakarta, Bandung even some other countries. They are not only connected online, but often hold a meeting and activity.

It’s a kind of hedonistic space that progressive, innovative and full of funny things. They are not caught up in the standard patterns, but dynamic and always moving. They are voluntarily willing to be and dare to fool of themselves.

In this group, they don’t care about the color of the hair, number of tattoos, clever or stupid, rich or poor. They respect all the differences. Because, they believe that the differences are gift.

They have some terminologies that sound strange and funny, something like seloo, minthilihir and other mixture of Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese language.

On May 2012, they had the performing arts and photo session at zero kilometer point of Yogyakarta. The models acted something in the center of intersection. It was really funny (and embarrassing). Here some photos about the activity.

Zero kilometer point of Yogyakarta, always crowded on Saturday night
Haha.. his name is Jamal, a theater artist and custom bike seller
The man on the left is pak Tedjo Badut, a famous entertainer in Jogja. The woman is mbak Anna from Jakarta
Tantri, she is an international school’s teacher in Jakarta
Forgive them. They don’t know what they do…

Hanny, she is a real musician
Well, umm.. yeah.. it’s me!

**All pictures were taken using Canon EOS 500D


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    1. Haha.. awalnya saya cuma motret aja.. tapi tiba2 tertarik untuk ikut menggila.. Heran padahal yang nongkrong di situ banyak banget, wong pas malam minggu,,

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