Capturing The Blambangan Square

Banyuwangi is a city in the east end of the Java island. In this town, there is the port of Ketapang where the ferry crossing to Bali island. Banyuwangi also has many beautiful natural tourist spots and worth a visit. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to visit those beautiful places.

On May 2012, I came to Banyuwangi and stayed there for two nights. However, due to the busyness, I could not go anywhere. It was frustrating just stayed at hotel, worked with a laptop all the day. Lucky me, there is a town square in front of hotel well known as the Blambangan Square. Sometimes I walked around there, took a few pictures to ward off the boredom.

I took these pictures around at 1 am, so the atmosphere was very quiet and peaceful.




  1. a very beautiful place indeed. Wish that someday I could hand myself a chance to visit Banyuwangi.. 😀


    Ohiya barangkali tertarik monggo mampir juga ke blog saya yang baru Celengan Semar . Blog yang lama juga masih aktif 🙂


  2. Welcome to Banyuwangi Bro..
    I’m navtive of Banyuwangi, Osing clan.
    I’m really surprised when you said that the picture’s name is Blambangan Square. We just call it Blambangan Park.
    However, thanks for coming. You can contact me if you wanna back to walk around Banyuwangi, with pleasure I’ll meet you.



    1. Aha.. so sorry, I just translated from the word “alun-alun”
      Well, I really want to go there again and exploring the beauty of Banyuwangi..

      Sure I will contact you.. It means that I will get a free guide, isn’t it? 😀
      Thanks for leaving comments here, I really appreciate that..



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