Down The Hallway of Kotagede

Kotagede that is located approximately 8 kilometers southeast of Yogyakarta city is known as the center of silver production. Silver does have a big hand in raising Kotagede name in the field of tourism. However, Kotagede still has a variety of potential interest to visit. One is the site of the old town heritage of Islamic Mataram kingdom adjacent to the unique architecture buildings belong to the ancient conglomerates, known as the Kalang.

The renovated old Joglo
The ruins of the castle in the settlements. You could see how thick the walls were.

Entering the southern Kotagede, feels as enclosed in a magical atmosphere. Thick fortress walls, old banyan trees and hundreds of years old β€œJoglo” buildings make us feel in the different world. The sacred atmosphere feels so thick in this area. Perhaps it is because of spatial and the past atmospheric, that survived for hundreds of years without much change. In this place, there are the remnants of the Islamic Mataram kingdom, including the tomb of Panembahan Senopati and families. Panembahan Senopati is the founder of the Sultanate of Mataram who who reigned in 1587-1601. Here there is also a mosque Mataram, the old mosque was built in the reign of Panembahan Senopati.

The old mosque Mataram. It still used today.

Shifted to the north there is a market Kotagede. This traditional market has existed since the time of the kingdom of Mataram was built as a center of economic activities.Β  In the west of the market, there is a village of Jagalan and Tegalgendu. Here you can find the narrow alleys, which shows the wealth of the merchants of silver at the time. There are many large and luxury houses called Omah Kalang. The houses were once owned by the Kalang, which reputedly bequeathed to the trade skills and silversmiths in Kotagede. Basically Omah Kalang is the unique building which blend of Javanese culture and European architecture.

In the north of Kotagede market, there is Kemasan Street. Along this road lined with shops silver and copper. Unlike in Tegal Gendu where occupied by the upper classes silver businessmen, in Kemasan Street in average is small and medium sized businesses. But do not worry, because the craftsmen still provide excellent quality work.

One of the Omah kalang on the edge of a narrow hallway
The window at Omah Kalang with unique ornaments

**This article was published in in bahasa Indonesia.


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    1. haha makasih.. saya sudah sempetin mampir ke blog anda. banyak artikel tentang gadget yang menarik.
      Salam kenal kembali dan sukses yah..

    1. Ayok main ke Jogja lagi. Santai aja, saya yang di sini juga jarang ke Kotagede kok.. πŸ˜€
      Makasih kunjungannya.. πŸ™‚

  1. Jogja is a wonderful place! πŸ™‚ I miss it so much. I’ve been thinking of having a family reunion there when I return to the country. Anyway, great post, I wish I visited Kota Gede when I went there the first time in 2006. Hopefully next time, inshaallah. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for showcasing your wonderful pictures with us. It’s a reflection to your pure love to our beloved country. πŸ™‚

    Subhan Zein

    1. Hi mas Subhan, since I knew that you are Indonesian and an English teacher, I’d better using bahasa Indonesia, then. hahahaha…
      Terima kasih sudah mampir di blog saya dan suatu saat bisa main ke Jogja lagi.. Kotagede adalah salah satu tempat yang menarik untuk dikunjungi..


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